◆photographer Sayo Nagase Solo Exhibition/New book◆ Announced! "CLARITY II" from Nov 9 (Thu) to Nov 21 (Tue).

We are pleased to announce the solo exhibition "CLARITY Ⅱ" by Sayo Nagase, which will be held from November 9th (Thursday) to November 21st (Tuesday). Sayo Nagase has personally curated and produced her 12th photo book for this exhibition. The book is divided into two parts, a prelude and a sequel, encompassing the works from this "CLARITYⅡ" exhibition as a complete collection following the 2021 "CLARITY" exhibition.

The book "CLARITY" will be available for early release both at the gallery and on the  online shop - SAYO NAGASE simultaneously.

During the exhibition, you'll have the opportunity to purchase limited-edition T-shirts and accessories inspired by the "CLARITYⅡ" photo book. Each piece has been meticulously crafted by the artist. You can also follow the creative process of her works and the book on her Instagram account IG @say0ngs.

Event Details:

- Dates: November 9, 2023 (Thursday) to November 21, 2023 (Tuesday)

- Location: AL /  1F, 3-7-17 Ebisu Minami, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo

- Gallery Hours: 12:00 to 19:00

- Admission Free, open every day during the exhibition

- Note: Due to exhibition constraints, we kindly decline flower offerings and the like.

◆online Live ( IG @say0ngs )Talk with Photographer Masumi Ishida: November 9th (Thursday) at 19:30, via Instagram video stream.

Clarity. This is the second time that Sayo Nagase has used this title for her exhibition.
However, she does not simply pursue photography that has transparency and clarity. Far
from being comprehensible, her work is based on a world of obscurity and the imperfection
of the vision that observes it. For Nagase, the world is something that only becomes visible
only, along with her unconscious, after she has gone through the tens of thousands of
photographs she has taken countless times, completely eliminating her subjectivity and
Shintaro Maki (Editor, Contributing Editor of Bijutsutecho art Journal magazine)


In the infinite cosmos, humans cannot live alone. We are unconsciously influenced and influenced by others through our connections. It's not necessary to separate what's good or bad, happy or unhappy; there's a perpetual elusive state right there. Have you ever wondered with whom and where you feel at ease or relaxed? Fragments of the world envelop us. This is the theme.

Title: "CLARITY" - Sayo Nagase Photo Collection
Price: 2,940 yen (excluding tax: 2,800 yen)
Pages: 72 pages Size: B5, 182 x 250mm 400 copies
Design: Designed by Natsuko Yoneyama
Published by: YOMOGI BOOKS

Sayo Nagase is a Tokyo-based artist born in Hyogo, Japan. She has published 12 art collections through her book label, YOMOGI BOOKS, and has collaborated with publishers like LIBRARYMAN in Paris and Stockholm. In recent years, her solo exhibitions include "Milky Way" in 2018 at GALLERY 360° and "MERRY GO ROUND" in 2019. She is set to hold a new solo exhibition, "CLARITY II," in November 2023, along with the release of her new photo collection.
URL: https://linktr.ee/say0ngs

URL🔗 https://linktr.ee/say0ngs

Don't miss this opportunity to experience the artistry of Sayo Nagase at "CLARITY Ⅱ."!!

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