When we were children, before people taught us how to look at the world, we saw people and things as they were, naked, and, full of curiosity, with a power we didn’t even realize we had, we could create the future freely.

I was stunned when I saw a video in which Henri Matisse was creating collages in his atelier. He had quit painting, and at the age of 78, reached out to a new form of expression – cutting things out.“CUT-OUT" was inspired by Henri’s atelier – liberated, vulnerable, welcoming, and free.



400 x 267 x 30 mm.10 Inkjet prints on aluminum plate, bolted .

Edition of 20.



Published by Yomogi Books(2016) Printed in Japan.
40.0x 26.7 cm.Offset print on silver paper . 20 pages.Edition of 300.
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 paper and aluminum book / art direction YOSHIROTTEN , printing Hakko art inc 

 aluminum design /Kei Nagata

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